Acid Reflux, Heartburn and apple cider vinegar

There were lots of conversations lately about the miraculous force of the apple cider vinegar. It is said that it can turn any person to a super-model in no time. Our correspondent yielded to the "apple cider vinegar" temptation, and here is an outcome.

They described to me that the usual apple vinegar can replace expensive pills, exhausting diets and visits to the gym. But the main thing was that it is possible to eat anything and how much you want. They recommended drinking apple cider vinegar in the following way: to one glass of water (pure or mineral) add one table spoon of vinegar. Then divide it into three equal parts and take each one half-hour before each meal. Everything is very simple. After getting this information, I called my friends, which passionately dream to lose weight. It turned out that the majority of them heard about this miracle and were impressed by the properties of apple cider vinegar.

Allegedly apple cider vinegar turns down appetite and burns fats. But since it is an acid it is unclear how it affects our body. Is there a chance it is bad for stomach and liver? But temptation was too great. And all friends said in one voice: drink some apple cider vinegar and we will take a look at the results. And since I had an overweight problem for quite some time I decided to work as laboratory mice. Next day I went to large grocery store to find apple cider vinegar there. I found a bottle that said "some properties of this supplement can help weight reduction" and another bottle without it. I inquired in salesman how this vinegar was different from the usual apple vinegar. "It is all the same except price" was the answer.

So starting the following day I began drinking this "miracle drug". I can't say that drinking apple cider vinegar is impossible, but it is not very pleasant. I had it for several days as it was directed before the meals. I also observed myself and noticed that it felt better and that I ate less food.

So it looked like everything was just excellent. On the eighth day of the experiment I decided to check results in the weight equivalent. It turned out that in the past week I lost three kilograms. I was madly glad: indeed I don't strain myself in any way, but result is there. I approached the second week of experiment with enthusiasm.

And that was a week when I started to have problems. Since the apple vinegar repulses appetite (at least in me) I began passing meals. It was very easy to justify - more meals more calories, less meals less calories less weight. But after some time my stomach became very sick and I started to have frequent heartburn. And after visiting my friends and having a heavy meal there I felt like my stomach was ready to blow up.

In addition to this, toward the end of the second week of experiment I began having problems with the bowels, and it solidly clarified to me that I had to eat. The weights showed that I lost only one kilogram during this week. I comforted myself by the fact that it is easier to lose first several kilograms than next ones. On the third week of the "apple miracle" method my health got better. But it was taking a huge mental effort to take some more of this nasty liquid. Secretly from friends I started passing on taking it from time to time. At the end of the third week I was weighed: lost another 800 grams. In total it was approximately 5 kilograms. It was good, but there I decided to interrupt the experiment.

Maybe sometimes later I will decide to continue "apple cider vinegar" experiment but I hardly doubt it. I still have half of the bottle in my house and I can give it to my friends. If only they would want it.

A good option for weight loss could be wu yi tea.

Doctor comments on Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar does not have special properties for weight loss. It can only slightly decrease appetite and rise tonus. But it can do much more harm to the body than benefit. Apple cider vinegar changes acidity of the stomach. Also it can cause aggravation of the digestion system. For women who seriously decided to lose weight we recommend to consult with a specialist who can help you work on the diet and supplements. There are lots of methods available today for weight loss harmless for your health.

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