Pills and herbs which may help

Out of conventional drugs only PPIs worked for me (I use Protonix if I have any issues).

From alternative treatments the most helpful is Slipery Elm tea. It doesn't have good taste (tastes like a glue) but it coats your oesophagus and stomach with proective layer of slippery elm which not only protects it from the acid but also helps healing processes.

Activities which may help

And the most effective treatment for me is diet and lifestyle. If you work on both of them it really makes a difference.

Places that help

A while ago I visited Karlovy Vary also known as Carlsbad. This is a small city in Czech Republic which is famous for its hot springs. These hot springs has salt in them which helps to tream lots of stomach problems. It is better to go there on a trip since salt is most usefull in its original form but you can also get some of it on http://www.biotherapy-clinic.com/ site.

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