1. Acid Reflux and Vitamins

Q: Do Vitamins help heartburn?

A: Consuming enough vitamins and minerals is a key to your diet. It won't treat heartburn alone but will make sure your body has power to do so. So make sure that you have enough good vitamins in your diet. This will help your body to relieve stress and win over heartburn.

2. Acid Reflux and Wedge Pillow

Q: Does Wedge Pillow help heartburn?

A: Yes, it does. Wedge pillows work very simply by elevating the head and neck slightly so the stomach's gastric contents have to fight gravity to reach the esophagus, which is where the discomfort is felt. According to a research study when using wedge pillow acid reflux patients can see up to 67% improvement in the speed of esophagus clearance from acid following a heartburn episode. Read this article for more information.

3. Acid Reflux And Apple Cider Vinegar

Q: Does Apple Cider Vinegar help heartburn?

A: Maybe. Some people swear by it. But there is no medicinal evidence that it helps. I personally wouldn't recomend it without first double checking with doctor since Apple Cider Vinegar is an acidic substance.

4. Acid Reflux And Apples

Q: Does Apples help Heartburn?

A: Apples are acidic fruits so there is no clear evidence that they should help heartburn. But several sources on internet claim that certain kinds of apple help acid reflux.

5. Acid Reflux And Excessive Burping

Q: Is excessive burping caused by Acid Reflux?

A: It maybe. Though there are multiple other conditions like aerophagia which can cause burping. Work with your doctor to discover exact reason for it. Try elimination diet.

6. Acid Reflux And Caffeine

Q: Does caffeine increases heartburn?

A: Yes. It is clinically proven that caffeine relaxes LES (lower esophageal sphincter) and causes heartburn. So switch to decaff coffee or cocoa. Read this article about caffeine to know more about it.

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