Food Acidity ranges

0 to 3.6Very acid - very bad for heartburn
3.6 to 4.5Mildly acid - may or may not cause heartburn
4.5 or higherNot acid - most probably won't cause heartburn

For more details search on food acidity and alkalinity look at the list below. Items with higher values are the safest for your stomach. For more details on specific food items and whether they cause heartburn or not take a look at Food Database

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Item Approximate pH
Vegetable Juice3.90 - 4.30
Vegetable soup, canned5.16
Vegetable soup, chopped4.98 - 5.02
Vegetable soup, strained4.99 - 5.00
Vermicelli, cooked5.80 - 6.50
Vinegar2.40 - 3.40
Vinegar, cider3.1

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