3 Heartburn Remedies Which Made Me Heartburn Free. I'm not going to sell you anything. No ebooks, magic recipes, magic diets, etc. I'll just give you a simple advice which is worth 3 years of heartburn pain.

3 Heartburn Remedies Which Made Me Heartburn Free

Surprise! :) I'm not going to sell you anything. No ebooks, magic recipes, magic diets, etc. I'll just give you a simple advice which is worth 3 years of heartburn pain. That was exactly the time it took me to get to the solution. I probably tried every single remedy available in the literature and on the internet.

1. First and foremost. No acid food for a while.

It usually sounds easier than it actually is. But yes... No acid food. Period. If you want to get out of this heartburn pain you need to cut it for a while. But just imagine how cool it will taste if you won't touch it for half a year or so ;)

2. Get a heartburn pillow.

Yes, you need a special pillow otherwise getting rid of this may take quite longer. Incliner Sleep Wedge will improve your sleep quality with heartburn and prevent acid from hurting your already hurt esophagus more. So get it. It was what saved me during my worst monthes.

3. Slippery Elm Powder.

Next step was very hard to find and it took so many experiments to get to it. But it is Slippery Elm Powder Tea. Actually I can say that it was a turning point of my heartburn story. I started with it in liquid form which I got from Whole Foods and noticed some improvements. But when I switched to the powder it was like magic. One cup of Slippery Elm Powder tea before sleep and I was sleeping like a child. It tastes so-so (well I would say unless you mix it with something it tastes pretty bad :) - but you know it does worth it). The idea is to have it in a moucous like form so it covers your esophagus and prevents acid from hurting it even if it gets there. Don't make it too solid or too liquid - experiment and you'll get it in a perfect way which will work for you. Read some recipes available under link below or just put 1 table spoon into 1 cup of boiling water and see if this works for you.

4. Visit your Doctor!

And finally go to your doctor and ask to prescribe some PPIs like Protonix, Nexium or Prevacid. You will need them to get results sooner and with less pain.

I hope it works for you and if it does please take some time and write me to webmaster(at)heartburn.net. Thank You and Good Luck!

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