Food which you shouldn't eat if you have GERD

I won't write you a long list of what you shouldn't eat. Everyone has something specific that triggers heartburn. But I think there are generic guidelines which you can follow. First of all - avoid very spicy food. "Very spicy" is a bit tricky to define but you should feel a line after which you will have a guaranteed heartburn.

No acidic food. Actually let's say it this way. NO ACID FOOD. Any acidic food that gives you burning sensation is going to make your heartburn worse.

Do not eat too much. Too much means you have to force food into your stomach. Sometimes it is very hard to do because it looks like all restaurants in US are designed to make you do it. But remember: putting to much in your stomach will cause your stomach to stretch and valve to relax. And you'll get heartburn as a result.

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- Make sure that you have enough good vitamins in your diet. This will help your body to relieve stress.

Do not eat too fast. Again you should define it for yourself. But faster you eat - more air you swallow. And if you don't chew your food good enough your stomach will have too much work to do and more acid to produce.

Try to see what will happen if you stop drinking tea and coffee for couple of weeks. You maybe surprised by results. For me heartburn is guaranteed if I have more than one cup of tea a day.

Heartburn food replacements

There are some foods which you won't be able to eat if you have heartburn. It is bad from one side but good from another - it will make you investigate alternatives and you can find that there are lots of different food around which won't give you that burning sensation and that is very tasty. Here I compiled a small table which will give you some ideas on how adjust your diet.

Food causing heartburnReplacement food
Dry and semi-dry wineSweet wine, port. Try madeira - this spain wine is very good
ApplesTry pears - lots of vitamins, fiber and no pain at all. Try to select softer ones - they are the tastiest
Peaches - they cause heartburn for meTry apricots - if they are ripe - they won't cause heartburn
Milk - lots of people have this triggerTry cottage or farmers cheese. There are several kinds of it which actually help heartburn. Cottage cheese with jam is great breakfast!

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