How to live happy with heartburn and GERD

Physical activities and sport

First of all I want to state here is that you can do everything when you have GERD. You just have to do it with caution and awareness about your condition. If you got heartburn try to review your current physical activities and see which one is actually causing heartburn.


Over the course of last couple years I experienced that your emotions can cause heartburn and your emotions can heal it (to some extent at least). If your day at work is very stressfull or you have something that bothers you then your heartburn will probably be worse than under normal conditions.

And if you have something positive going on in your life than you will stop noticing your hearburn for a while. Or maybe it will just disappear...


I don't travel to places where I won't be able to find good food for my stomach. And good means something that won't cause heartburn for you. There are lots of places in the world which have nice food. Just make sure that you don't eat something that can ruin your trip. It is better not to experience some cool spicy food than spend the rest of your trip trying to extinguish fire in your stomach.

Changes that helped

- Small meals. It doesn't mean you have to eat less then you are. It means you have to do it more frequently (5-6 times a day) but in lesser amounts. This way your stomach doesn't produce that much acid and probability of reflux is much less.

- Do not eat before going to sleep. Or if you ate wait for an hour or two until your stomach digested most of the food. This really helps since nighttime heartburn is the most painfull.

- Swimming may help. Some non sport like swimming (like couple hundreds yards a day) does help.

- Less restaurants and fast food. The more you exclude the better you would fill.

- Train your cooking skill. If you cook well you can find lots of nice recipes which your stomach would love.

- Consider Eastern European kitchen. It is tasty and milder than others.

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