Heartburn and DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice).

It looks like this remedy is the most popular within all remedies I ever seen on the internet. This fact made me try it multiple times. But all of them were unsuccessfull. Couple first times I had some minor effect, but other than that it didn't make any difference. Since it isn't very expensive remedy you can easily try it - but beware that most probably it won't make such a big difference.

Heartburn and Aloe Vera juice

Well - Aloe is claimed to have superb healing qualities. Though noone has proved it yet. After reading about it on some web site I went to Whole Foods and got a bottle of Aloe Vera Juice and started drinking it by an ounce or two a day. There were no difference at all in my symptoms when I used it. Though lots of people claim that it works for them. So try it...

Heartburn and Aloe Vera gel

Pretty much the same effect as Aloe Very Juice. No effect at all.

Heartburn and raw potato juice

One of the most disgusting things I tried in my life. Potatoes are very nice when they are in form of the french fries but their raw juice has terrible taste. Also it looks like it has pretty strong action on your stomach. And I cannot say whether it positive or negative but I gave it up after trying it for several days.

Heartburn and Raw cabbage juice

Well this one made it worse... I don't know why - maybe it has some acid in it - but this juice causes more heartburn than treating it.

Heartburn and Digestive Enzymes

There is a huge market for digestive enzymes in US. They claimed to treat every single digestive problem. Well in case of heartburn they don't help much. They help you digestion though - so if you're actually lacking some stomach acid - this may help you.

Heartburn and Swedish Bitters

This one wasn't good for me - since it causes your stomach to start producing more stomach. But if you think that you actually suffer from low acidity try it. I know that this is very popular remedy in Europe.

Heartburn and Honey

It is a very nice food and rememdy which I use all the time when I have cold to strengthen my immune system. But in case of my heartburn it causes acidic reaction and makes it worse.

Heartburn and Chamomile tea

Great relaxing tea (sometimes to relaxing). But it causes valve in esophagus to relax - so whenever I tried it caused heartburn.

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